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The Auto Emissions Bible Is Here!

bible coverFebruary 16, 2012
The Auto Emissions Bible is available for sale. Order your copy on this site. It is also available at Amazon.com, and soon through the Extended Distribution channel, so libraries can order, too.

About the price: Those of you accustomed to ordering automotive books are familiar with pricing that commonly starts at $59.95, and goes up from there like a booster rocket. We decided that this book should be affordable, and priced it accordingly. Just because you won't have to cash in your retirement plan to buy a copy, doesn't mean it isn't packed with useful information.

Check out the sample download pdf, then

Order your copy here.



Why The Auto Emissions Bible?

If you are a repair specialist, knowing how to properly test and repair vehicle emission failures can create more business, add to profits, and raise customer satisfaction levels.

The Auto Emissions Bible shows why the Check Engine Light comes on in the first place, and explains what it takes to turn the light off in 1996 and newer OBD II vehicles—and keep it off.

Auto repair professionals will also learn how to properly sample and interpret gas analyzer readings, and make repairs to reduce harmful emissions in areas that subject vehicles to tailpipe tests.

There's a lot here for motorists, too. Learn how your car is tested, how to prepare your car for the test, and how to identify common maintenance items that cause most failures.

Authors Sam Bell and Ralph Birnbaum have a combined 80 years of auto repair experience.

Sam owns a premium repair facility, The Lusty Wrench, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and is a regular contributor to Motor magazine. Voted 2010 Cengage ASE Technician of the Year, he also teaches Ohio 1 Emissions Courses for auto repair professionals.

Ralph has written over two dozen training courses and books, co-authoring the award winning Getting to Know OBD II with Jerry "G" Truglia.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Quick Hitters
Q. Will the book web site offer additional information?
A. Yes. In fact, there will be a special quick reference section with web links to handy reference materials, useful information, and calculators.

Q. How can I get a copy?
A. When published, we intend to offer the book through several online sources, including this site.
Q. Who will find this book useful?
A. Anyone who needs to get a vehicle through a state emissions test to renew the vehicle license registration. The text is written in plain English, making it accessible to motorist and auto mechanic alike.